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Japan Relief Auction

help_japan has set up an auction for, of course, the Japan Tsunami/Earthquake relief. I have donated what I can afford, but there is always more need. I've set up two threads:

9"x6" Marker thread

9"x12" Marker thread

Consider bidding on me or someone else, or even give straight to a charity, but consider giving any way that you can. Or a bunch of you are artists; think about setting up an auction thread of your own.

Also, completely unrelated and completely shallow: Rumblewick looks like it was made specifically for me. *w* All it is missing are sweater vests.

Friends Cut

I've been haunting for over a month now. Not much to say here, but I am going to cut down on my list. Mostly I'm removing people I never read or don't have anything in common with anymore. No hard feelings to anyone. I'm not around much these days anyway haha.

If anyone would like to remain on regardless, please feel free to comment. :)

Boys try to touch my junk junk.

ARTIST friending meme

Hello to everyone from the meme! I am kind of boring, but you are welcome here. 8>

On another note: zelda WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU. via grendelity

Endless happiness


Okay, I'll be honest, I didn't care much about E3 this year. Game hype is kind of lost on me because I only have two consoles, one of which isn't being produced for anymore (ps2), the other of which people consider to be the Casual Game console (DSi). (On a sad side note, I have no idea where this went. I had it til after AZ, where it just vanished. Is either in my room or in the basement but I have torn both apart with no result. ;__;) I have access to a wii, but it's my mother's. Also I just don't play games that often.

But then I see this:

Cut for wall of nerdery 8DCollapse )

And while we're on the subject of things that I am flipping my shit over and no one else cares about:

GOD THIS LOOKS SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLL. French animation is where it is at, holy shit. GGGGGGGGGG. +w+;;;

So them things what happened.


That was more than a week ago, but I have a bad habit of going off the map when I hit home. At any rate, it's time to buck up and face the world and it's ills. Wish me luck in the job hunt!

THIS WEEKEND IS ANIMAZEMENT. WHO ALL IS GOING? grendelity and I are tabling again in AA, and seiaa and marijuanallama are sharing a table, and then there shall be tarouchan as well! (And psychoshinji, if I am not mistaken? Also am I missing anyone?) Needless to say, we have a party crowd in AA this year, so all of you should come see us. And spend money.8>

Cosplay line up: Viral (TTGL), Euphemia (CG-- that dress will be done god dammit), and a third surprise that is super top secret for now. 8D And maybe a Sunday costume, but I highly doubt that that one will be finished lol oh well. More importantly, we are dousing neotericus in glitter and calling him Edward. COME SEE THE HILARITY.

OTHER NEWS THAT IS JUST AS AMAZING: I was accepted as a student volunteer at this year's Siggraph. So hey, guys, who's in the LA area in July that might want to catch a meal with me and/or my roomies? None of the people I'm going with are on LJ, but I may change this. Oh hey-- anyone going to Siggraph as well? I doubt it cause cost and things, but the job fair is just so exciting a concept. *w*;; Let me know!!


Hey hey hey guys. My lady friend grendelity is in a money pinch on a car-repair bill. She's opening up commissions to help pay it off. She's offering digital portraits, knitting, and even stuff from her print stock. More info this way

ALSO. If you are a fucking CRAZY PERSON and don't want any of her art (wut) I am also offering LJ exclusive $5 digital chibi commissions. Money from this is also going to her. ;3; Happy Graduation present bb.

So if you can spare some cash and would like some bitchin AWESOME art, go check her stuff out. If you are short on cash and would like something slightly less totally fucking rad, but would still like to help, talk to me here.



1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

ALSO HEY! NEW STOCK COUNT. Please take a serious look, cause AZ will likely be our last Alley. So if we have anything left over, you guys are getting dibs.


Please take a look

As most of you know, the TeaCake table will be making appearances at three cons this year instead of one. However, every con that we have chosen has spontaneously risen their AA table prices. (This is understandable, for the most part, but still a bit of an injury to the wallet.) And so we have made a decision:

TeaCake Commissions over @ saraliner

Keep in mind that these are not ordinary commissions. For every commission that we receive, both myself and grendelity will be involved in it in some way, whether it is a flat out collaboration, or a division of labor, or what have you. In short: two artists for the price of one. We've tried to make them the absolute cheapest that we can, so any help you can offer us at all would be amazing. ♥

I am still working on my current, just me commissions, but am calling those closed from further openings in favor of the greater good. Those will be done this weekend, scout's honor.


Commissions get~

Okay, guys, here's the dealeo. I'm saving up for a Possibility next summer, and in order to save, I also need income. I know that everyone's tight on money right now, so I'm hoping these are affordable for people.

Information below the cutCollapse )

To claim a spot, comment below, send me a message, or email me at polarischan [at] gmail.com

Examples of my work can be found at feathersketch or my Devart.

I will be tossing this information up on Deviantart in the next few days; I just wanted to give my beloved LJ a headstart.

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